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An affordable, safe and secured traceability solution, to manage your samples

Finding your samples, knowing the contents, knowing who moved and where, doing inventories, printing shipping files, has become a breeze.

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Key Features of LeadSample

  • Historical sample move 
  • Standard containers list (Cryoconserver, fridge, freezer) 
  • Containers customization (shelves, racks, boxes, supports) 
  • Containers inventory 
  • Expedition reports generation 
  • Access user rights management 
  • Definition of products quantity, inside the micro tubes, temperatures choice… 
  • Notification of product’s life cycle (expiry alarm date) 
  • A barcode system, easy to use 
  • In-house web interface, on stand-alone version 

Key Benefits of LeadSample

No more unnecessary paper sheets

Gain of time

Sample movement tracking

Extraction and sharing contents

Access rights

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LeadSample was designed to provide laboratories the ability to handle the samples easily. Intuitive, LeadSample allows teams to virtually design their own storage units, regardless of the brand. We managed to meet the challenge to provide an ergonomic and easy to use tool.

The end user is important to us.

You can Choose or Create your own containers:

Cryoconserver Fridge Freezer Racks Boxes Tubes Microplates